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We believe you are visiting us for one basic reason.  While programming and ministry opportunities are important in the life of any church, you are probably looking for something more.  You are in need of a place where you can connect with God in deeper and more meaningful ways that go beyond worship styles or fashionable teaching.  We believe that when you visit us, you should expect to be warmly welcomed and encouraged to grow in your faith. You should also expect to be invited to participate, at whatever degree you are comfortable with, in the life and worship of Methodist Temple.  With that in mind, we want to present to you what you would experience the first time you visit one of our services.  

Regardless of which service you attend, when you walk through any set of doors there will be someone available to direct you toward the sanctuary, to the nursery, the cookies & coffee, or any other part of the facility you might desire.  Our 8:30 AM service offers a traditional Methodist liturgy (order of worship) with organ music, a choir, robed clergy (pastors), and hymns (songs we sing).   Our 11:00 AM service is more modern in its style of worship but still retains some basic liturgical elements.  Whichever style seems more comfortable to you, we invite you to join us!

We are a family church that loves all people.
We are a place you can come to worship, grow and belong.










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