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Here at Methodist Temple, we choose not to sell a bill of goods. We have an open table policy where everyone is invited to join in discussion about our faith in Jesus Christ.  Though we are not all from the same political party, the same socioeconomic status, or the same ethnicity, we love each other and want to follow in the steps of Jesus, transforming the world with love. We do not claim to have all the answers, but we invite you to join our search for truth. We are not perfect, but we seek to create a perfect world in the image of Jesus Christ. We hope our community will be a place where you can find yourself and reaffirm your faith. We aim to revive your love for and evolve your walk with God. We ask you to bring your doubt; bring your faith. Bring your gifts; bring your brokenness. God has room for your past, your present, and your future. God has room for you, and Methodist Temple aspires to help you grow in your faith and support you today, tomorrow, and always. 

Some of our core beliefs include:


Even though the mystery of God will always be beyond our human comprehension, Methodist Temple believes that God has been revealed to our faith in three distinct ways. First, God is our Creator, and He is the source of all life. Second, God's character and nature have been revealed to us through Jesus Christ. In Jesus, we discover a God who loves unconditionally and yearns to heal all of creation. Finally, God touches each of our lives in a personal way. Sometimes God will speak dramatically through visions or dreams. Other times, God communicates with us through an inner yearning for meaning or even through the reading of scripture and other devotional materials. We believe God has created us, continues to love us, and seeks to impact each of us in a personal way.


To say the obvious, salvation is a very complex, Christian word. The term, or its close equivalent, has appeared almost 500 times in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Surprisingly, the majority of those instances refer to the healing of this world rather than the afterlife. Jesus himself gives us a vivid example of this in the Lord's Prayer. He invites us to pray, "That the things on earth would become as they are in heaven." Thus, our church community believes that salvation focuses on the transformation of our lives and this world to reflect the mind and spirit of Jesus Christ. 

Wesleyan Heritage

As United Methodists, we trace our heritage back to the work of John and Charles Wesley. Originally, the term 'Methodist' was meant to ridicule our faith's methodical commitment to living a Christ-like life. This included helping the poor, visiting prisoners, and proclaiming God's love for all people. We believe it is important to honor our history by continuing to serve and care for the vulnerable, hurting, and marginalized people in our community. 

April 26, 2020 Sermon

"Finding Our Story"

Today's sermon comes from Acts 3:1-8 and is presented by Pastor Andy.



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