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We join with millions of Christians through the ages in an understanding of God as a Trinity, three persons in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is to say that God has been both revealed and is experienced in three distinct ways.  God is our Father and creator, the One in whom we live and move and have our being.  God as Son refers to our conviction that God has come to us in the person of Jesus Christ to redeem and heal our brokenness and sin.  Finally, this God who both created us and redeemed us is now experienced in our life as Holy Spirit.  


The term we use to describe our experience of God is grace.  Said simply, we believe that by God’s profound love and grace we are saved from our sin.  Certainly, many things come to our minds when we hear the term sin.  When we say we are saved from our sin, we mean that God saves us from our tendency to live our lives as if we are the center of the universe and instead invites us to turn to the One who actually is. 

First, we believe that God’s grace stirs within us a desire to know God and empowers us to respond to God’s initiative to be in relationship.  Next, as we come to accept God’s invitation, by putting our faith in Christ, our sin is forgiven and relationship with God is healed.  Finally, as we intentionally invest in a relationship with Christ our lives begin to be transformed and we grow and mature in our ability to love as Jesus loved. 


The message of salvation as transformation is the core of the Bible’s message to us.  We say that God speaks to us through the Bible, that it’s God’s Word to us.  What we mean by that is the writers of the Bible were inspired, that they were filled with the Holy Spirit, as they wrote. Today as we read the Bible, we trust that God’s Spirit works in our lives challenging us to adopt a Christ-like life as our own. 

We are a family church that loves all people.
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