Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries addresses the needs of adults and explores opportunities for growing as Christian disciples. We help our congregation and community meet their Godly potential through individual growth and fellowship. Methodist Temple's Adult Council helps plan and coordinate any type of adult education within the church. 

Sunday School

All adult Sunday School classes meet during Sunday School hour from 9:45-10:45 a.m. in the second floor Adult Learning Center. Classrooms are accessible by elevator, which is located in the southeast corner of the building, across from the Fellowship Hall. All classes welcome new members of any age and life experience. We encourage you to visit several classes in order to find the best group to fit your needs. 

Open Circle (Room 202) - This class consists of members ages 35 to 90 years old. They focus on Bible study and faith-based topical studies, often watching a short segment on DVD followed by discussion. Members are committed to intercessory prayer and communicate prayer needs through a weekly newsletter. For more information about Open Circle, contact Jerry Moore.

Sojourn (Room 204) - Young families, singles, and couples attend this class and enjoy free, open-minded discussion on book studies and issues that encourage members to put their faith into action. They enjoy gathering for fellowship and family activities. Contact Pastor Andy Payton for more information about Sojourn.

Seekers (Room 205) - Middle-aged and older meet during this class to study the Bible & faith- based studies with plenty of opportunity for discussion.  Contact Bob Hall for information about Seekers. 

Perspectives (Room 207) - This group of 40-70 year olds study books of the Bible and timely topics. Jack Deppe leads this class. 

Crusaders (Room 201)- This class welcomes folks who enjoy an organized approach to studying the scriptures. This group of retirees uses Uniform Series Adult Bible Study materials to guide their discussion. Contact Lewis Flanigan and Jim Atkinson for more information.

Kononia (Room 206) - This class of middle-aged adults & retirees focuses on Bible Study & discussion. Linda Hay is the instructor of this class.

Open Community 

Twice a year in the spring and the fall, our Open Community series provides unique social and learning opportunities in a relaxed, inter-generational setting, including a variety of experiences we hope will offer something fresh to engage all ages! Each evening begins with a family-friendly meal in the Fellowship Hall and moves on to an educational worship or study of your choice.

A team of congregants plans these workshop opportunities to challenge each teen and adult participant, while the school-age Temple KIDZ and preschool/kindergarten Temple SPROUTZ have an hour to play and socialize. Childcare is also available in the Nursery for our youngest Temple TOTZ!  No matter your age, Open Community will provide a genuine Christian community for you to growth in your faith.

 RSVP for Open Community here.


Retreats take place throughout the year for men, women, couples and young adults. See our events calendar for upcoming retreats.

We are a family based church that loves all people.
We are a place you can come to worship, grow and belong.








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