Care & Curriculum


Continuity of Care

MTCC provides continuity of care by creating care groups for our children. Each care group has a specifically assigned caregiver (or caregivers).The care group and caregiver will transition together from one room to another throughout the center until the children reach the age of 30 months (2 years & six months). Continuity of care allows our infants and toddlers to thrive in a familiar, secure environment.

Creative Curriculum

Extensive research shows that young children learn through playing as well as through active exploration of their environment. Children gain knowledge through the manipulation of materials and stimulation of their five senses.  They can take ownership of their education when placed in a child-centered environment.  Our classrooms are designed with learning centers that encourage various means of play, for both individuals and groups. These stations include art, science, mathematics, manipulatives, reading/writing, sand and water, pretend play, and building.

Our program strives to teach children life skills, interpersonal communication, compassion and positive social skills as well as academic readiness.  We believe that a loving, responsive, and respectful teaching staff will guide all children into reaching their best potentials. 

April 26, 2020 Sermon

"Finding Our Story"

Today's sermon comes from Acts 3:1-8 and is presented by Pastor Andy.



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